‘El año sin verano’ [The year without a summer] is an intimate moment of reading, an invitation to immerse yourself in ghost stories by the light of an old fireplace. To remember the childhood times when we continued reading at night under the covers with a flashlight.

We will embark on a journey through a circular book that is constantly forking, which comes to life and takes physical form in the actions of various characters, various ghosts that will accompany us in the room. Together we will experience a time that decomposes and multiplies, and we will immerse ourselves in stories of crazy poets locked in by the rain: stories about the relationship of the strange year without summer of 1816 with the current ecological crisis; of the birth of Frankenstein's creature and the near human extinction and we will read stories of vampires while we will slowly see the wheel of extinctions roll on the planet, the cycle of life and death and the deep darkness that resides in the soul of the terrible predator that is the human being.

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ELENA URUCATU and CARLOS MATÉ work through sculpture, installation, video, performance, architecture or design in projects that deal with our relationship with culture, knowledge and art. Between the lines an ambiguity or coexistence of extremes: on the one hand, the need for post-human thinking, the search for certain keys with which to face the ecological crisis and the shadow of possible extinction represented by the current Anthropocene epoch; on the other, individual constructions on the same situation: obsessive inner worlds loaded with subjectivity, where art and culture would be the only possible anchor point with a world that is falling apart.


‘El año sin verano’ is CAMPING's second action, an initiative that will open NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ' gallery space to various cultural actors, so that they can freely develop and exhibit their projects and creations. Taking the exhibition space as a support for their actions, the various actors will display their temporary projects interacting with the exhibition installed at that time in the gallery.

CAMPING is a project conceived by Nerea and Idoia Fernández, directors of NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ and Blanca Cortés, lawyer specialized in intellectual property.

Sponsors of this edition: Carlos Alonso, Marcela Ciacci, Belén F-Vega, Lucía López, Paloma Martín Llopis, Andrés Menéndez, Erico Navazo Moral, David Pastor, Jan Taminiau, Alberto Ucar and Juan Varez.