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Juan Carlos Batista. El paisaje amnésico

June 5 / July 30 2012

Each of the photographs of Juan Carlos Batista, Canary Islands 1969, builds a fiction that no longer pretends to appear veracity. The photographer is the director of this ceremony of confusion, only he knows the way of turning to natural the false representation, making it evident.

We live in a non real world, whose shams produced in serie, satisfy the desires, equally fabricated, of a population that needs to understand what happens without thinking too much. Before this deceitful and fantastic universe, Juan Carlos Batista invents a series of fictions to build a reality with. A reality no less real than that sold as the truth.

In El Paisaje Amnésico (The Amnesiac Landscape), Batista get photographs from “decalcomanias”. After realizing hundreds of them, and examining them carefully, the artist takes out some fragments and rethinks them as minuscule landscapes. The primitive technique of making photographs to the decalcomanias, due to its limitations, also emphasizes the expressivity of these changeable stains of ink.

With the detail and diligence of a maker of Magritte’s pipes, Juan Carlos Batista destroys and reconstruct once and another ambiguous spaces where the mechanisms of representation are taken to the limit, questioning us about the truth, in a poetical, and sometimes playful way. An abstraction made reality, as an “amnesiac landscape”.

Juan Carlos Batista has realized individual shows in Tenerife, New York, Las Palmas, Nancy, Zaragoza, Berlin, Madeira, Bratislava… He has also participated in the Biennial of Canary Islands, as well as in group shows at the Tea, CAAM, the Funchal Museum, the National museum of Mauritania, and others.

His work can be found in the collections of the TEA, the International Museum of contemporary Art of Lanzarote, the Fnac of Nancy, the Athenaeum at La Laguna, the Governments of Navarra and Tenerife, and in many private collections.