"From the first moment I had the opportunity to see Calixto Ramirez at work, more than ten years ago on a shared exploration trip to the north of Spain, I was impressed by his ability to improvise artistic actions. Actions that combine a profound poetic capacity with surprising touches of humor and irony. A sensitive understanding of the context and the materials that surround him. The mixture of a privileged artistic intuition and an extensive knowledge of art history.

New encounters, Palermo, Rome... Calixto merges with the places he inhabits, literally and physically. He also acquires a political position with a context that affects him and is affected by him. An echo that has the capacity to return with more force, capering in the wind.

Calixto makes, acts, and any material, object, or reference, has the potential to be transformed into a piece. The drift, the assembly (physical or mental), the balance, the composition... they are all assimilated and twisted stretching the rules of the game.

This exhibition allows us to peek into his world, his language, through his body. A present body, a vehicle for the creation of a crossed narrative that encloses a large number of layers that are gradually unveiled as we join the dots of a constellation that he is forming with his movement."

Nicolas Combarro

Marseille, October 2022


Known for the scarcity of gestures and materials, Calixto Ramirez's work is deeply reflective. Marked by a semi-nomadic life, by being born on the border of Reynosa with Hidalgo, Texas, and by five years living in Italy, Calixto explores space through the measure of his body and the use of the camera.

Most of his work takes place outdoors, using public and open spaces as a large studio, and photography and video to record performative actions, site-specific interventions or light, practical and immediate photographic sketches, qualities present throughout his body of work. On the other hand, his studio works result from thoughtful and labored installations, sculptures and paintings that connect to the more ethereal work. 

Focusing on the spaces he inhabits, his work sheds light on global issues caused by human action, so that, despite its simple, or even mundane character, his work can be interpreted from a poetic, political, historical, playful, humorous or formal point of view. In the same way that there is no single perspective to understand Calixto's work, the artist does not produce exclusively from the logic of video art or photography, but assumes those of drawing, sculpture, performance, or painting.