"serenity rave is a place, a heartbeat, something that is not visible but is present. It would be something like a suspension that remains, that does not crystallize and that in itself has the ability to mutate in order to open the multiple possibilities that we can find in what we do not yet know and that, perhaps, scares us. A place where the body is an ambiguous territory that makes us perceive the world but not completely and, in which, dance acts as a medium. A rift in which past, present and future converge. A way to invoke dancing all these times together, becoming one, which is sustained forever. serenity rave is the night in which we learned to speak with the body, in which we were overwhelmed and something threatened ruin; It is the night I discovered that my arm was his leg and my head was a ghost, and I, who was standing there dancing, I keep dancing."

Laura Ramírez

Laura Ramírez Ashbaugh is a choreographer and dancer. Among her interests are to think and explore about everything that surrounds her, the idea of ​​landscape, ambiguous body, the spaces in between and the feeling with the beat. She is currently working on her upcoming solo called serenity rave. She has actively worked with Ainhoa ​​Hernandez, with whom she created the Twins Experiment collective in 2014, she has collaborated on pieces by María Jerez, Cris Blanco, Lejos Lejos, Esther Rodriguez Barbero, Xavi Manubens or Quim Bigas and four years ago she began her path also as a DJ within a practice of support and complement to her work and a factor of great relevance in it.

Her work is mainly articulated between Madrid, Barcelona and France. Among other activities, she teaches workshops, movement classes, assists as a process tutor to different artists and groups, generates study spaces such as MovLab in La Casa Encendida or the EL CLUB reading club in the Teatros del Canal, she is the creator of a sport consisting of disappearing, she composes music and texts with Andrea Zavala and works in the education department of the Reina Sofía Museum.

‘serenity rave’ is CAMPING's fifth action, an initiative that will open NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ' gallery space to various cultural actors, so that they can freely develop and exhibit their projects and creations. Taking the exhibition space as a support for their actions, the various actors will display their temporary projects interacting with the exhibition installed at that time in the gallery.

CAMPING is a project conceived by Nerea and Idoia Fernández, directors of NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ and Blanca Cortés, lawyer specialized in intellectual property.