More than a space for contemplation, NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ is a place open to criticism and debate, interested in our time artists’ creativity and investigation. We believe in the gallery as a dynamic space, and in this sense, the gallery has developed programs that go beyond the classical conception of gallery spaces, organizing talks, performances and hosting, since the pandemic, INTERLUDIO, a program of short exhibitions for artists, represented or not, to present projects, works in progress, or pieces that request a different format of appreciation, and that had not been previously displayed.

The gallery also promotes CAMPING, a nonprofit project that occupies our space with dance, music, theater, performance and literature, as a mechanism to support cultural agents and enhance networks. With the ambition to be more permeable and participatory, the project allows cultural actors to freely develop and exhibit their creations.

NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ aims to offer a meeting between creators and public, taking the gallery as a privileged landscape in which to enjoy a period of reflection and coexistence away from dismays of the outside world.

However, celebrating and honoring the long road started in 1977 by Nieves Fernández, the gallery today looks towards the upcoming opportunities with much enthusiasm, challenging ourselves and the models we live in through refined artistic practices, substantiated critiques and sincere dialogues as the only means for building an improved and sustainable society.