Lima 2017

no place is an experimental platform for the exhibition of contemporary art. A project promoted jointly by four galleries, namely Nueveochenta (Colombia), Arróniz (Mexico), Michael Sturm (Germany) and NF/NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ (Spain), it aims to generate new experiences for the public via an alternative production model.

Operating under a collaborative system, so that the tools, the teams and resources of each member are available to others, no place is a collective effort to produce and finance events where the focus of attention rests completely on the artists’ work. In this sense, it is an unprecedented experiment, and one with which the galleries seek to contribute to the transformation of an established reality as typically sought by all agents linked to the art world.

Artists: Omar Barquet, Aldo Chaparro, Luis Casanova Sorolla, Gianfranco Foschino, Fritzia Irizar, Alejandro Jaime, Mateo Maté, Roula Partheniou, Sandra Nakamura, Saul Sánchez

Lima 2017 - Avenida Sáenz Peña, 212 - Barranco.

18 ABR - 09 JUN 2017