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Chiharu Shiota en "Constellation Malta" - Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture

Chiharu Shiota participa en la exposición colectiva "Constellation Malta", comisariada por Rosa Martínez, por ocasión de la capitalidad europea de cultura de La Valeta en 2018.

Chiharu Shiota participates in the group exhibition 'Constellation Malta', curated by Rosa Martínez, as part of the program of Valletta 2018 - European Capital of Culture

Inauguración: 12 OCT 2018, en diferentes espacios entre Malta y Gozo

Opening: 12 OCT 2018, various locations across Malta & Gozo

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Créditos de imagen [Image credits]: Chiharu Shiota, Circulation, 2018. Installation: metal, red wool. Valletta2018 European Capital of Culture, Valletta, Malta. Photo by Daniel Mifsud. Copyright VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2018 and the artist.

Mauro Giaconi: Charla con el artista / Artist talk

Charla con el artista Mauro Giaconi

Artist talk with Mauro Giaconi

21 SEP 2018

Dance Theater, University Center for the Arts (Colorado State University)

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El trabajo de Giaconi tiene lugar en el campo de la escultura, la instalación y principalmente el dibujo, que opera como el corazón de toda su producción y punto de partida para generar intervenciones espaciales e imágenes que se mueven a través de la estética del caos y la investigación procesal. La arquitectura, la estructura, la memoria y el entorno son todos elementos clave en la práctica del artista, que se centra en proponer experiencias que crean tensión entre conceptos opuestos como construcción y destrucción; nacimiento y muerte; confinamiento y libertad; profundidad y superficie; soñar y despertar.

Giaconi’s work takes place in the field of sculpture, installation and mainly drawing, which operates as the heart of all his production and starting point to generate spatial interventions and imagery that moves across  the aesthetics of chaos and procedural investigation. Architecture, structure, memory and environment are all key elements in the artist’s practice, which focuses on proposing experiences that build tension between opposite concepts like construction and destruction; birth and death; confinement and freedom; depth and surface; dream and awakening.

Pipo Hernández Rivero. "Lounge"

Inauguración jueves 13 de septiembre de 2018, de 17.00 a 22.00 hrs

Opening September 13th, 2018, from 5 to 10 pm

Esta exposición se enmarca en Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend. Para consultar el programa general, pinche aquí.

This exhibition is part of Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend. For further information on its general program, click here.


En Lounge, su segunda muestra individual en NF/ NIEVES FERNANDEZ, Pipo Hernández Rivero juega a resignificar los roles de la obra de arte y, en especial, la pintura en el ámbito del confort doméstico. Con el fin de perturbar el orden cognitivo establecido para las obras de arte, Pipo Hernández Rivero trabaja con apropiaciones que abundan desde la historia del arte hasta los elementos que componen tradicionalmente el ámbito doméstico. De este modo, a través de un conjunto de re significaciones, las piezas transportan el espectador a un ambiente doméstico, dónde la obra de arte convive en el espacio de la intimidad, subvirtiendo su propia naturaleza pública y expositiva.

Lounge is Rivero's second solo exhibition at NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ, plays with shifting the presumed roles for the artwork itself and, most especially for painting, within the household environment. Pipo Hernández Rivero hijacks several elements from Art History until traditional components of the domestic setting, aiming ultimately to disturb the cognitive order established for works of art. In this sense, through a set of meaning alterations, the works displayed transport the observer to a domestic scene, where the artworks inhabits a space of intimacy, subverting its own public and exhibitive nature.

Fritzia Irizar en "Cycles of Collapsing Progress", Trípoli, Líbano

Fritzia Irizar participa en la exposición colectiva "Cycles of Collapsing Progress", organizada por el Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) y STUDIOCUR/ART, en el Rashid Karami International Fair, en Trípoli, Líbano

Fritzia Irizar participates in the group exhibition 'Cycles of Collapsing Progress',  organised by the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) and STUDIOCUR/ART, at the Rashid Karami International Fair, in Tripoli, Lebanon

22 SEP - 23 OCT 2018

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The notion of cyclical time, common to past civilizations, is now considered archaic, for according to Romanian intellectual, Mircea Eliade modern societies have a linear understanding of time. This contemporary understanding considers progress as the only possible outcome and therefore does not take into account repeated cycles of collapse. 

The contemplation of the life and death of civilisations can be traced back to the medieval Tunisian-born historian Ibn Khaldoun, who suggested that historical cycles function in a loop, starting as Umran Badaoui (bedouin civilisation) evolving into Umran Hadari (urban civilisation) before collapsing. Recent studies by American historian, Joseph Tainter on the collapse of complex societies, like the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Mayas, show there are several possible causes for their downfall, including natural disasters, wars, and epidemics. But one theory can be singled out. When a society becomes highly stratified, it is more likely to fall, as the cost of maintaining it is high. In the aftermath of the collapse of modernism or as Bruno Latour actually suggested we have never been modern, scientists affirm that since the anthropocene era, our future decline will be caused by an impending ecological disaster due to global warming. If -human beings, nature, and even history - functions cyclically, it is possible to think about the limits of progress and the cost that entails. 

The exhibition will present 18 projects in total, including 8 commissioned artworks along 10 produced works by artists from Lebanon and Mexico. The meeting of the two scenes allowed the exchange of geographical perspectives on the theme. This project includes residencies in Beirut (BAR-Beirut Art Residency) and Guadalajara (PAOS GDL). 

Karina El Helou (curator)

Participating artists: 

Rashid Karami International Fair: 
Edgardo Aragon, Ali Cherri, Jose Davila, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Lamia Joreige, Fritzia Irizar, Jorge Mendez Blake, Damian Ortega, Marwan Rechmaoui, Gabriel Rico, Stéphanie Saadé, Roy Samaha, Jalal Toufic, Zad Moultaka 

Citadel of Tripoli : 
Rayyane Tabet, Haig Aivazian, Emmanuel Tovar, Pablo Davila

Danica Phelps en el LA TIMES

El periódico LA Times publicó una interesante crítica de la exposición individual de Danica Phelps, "MANY DROPS FILL A BUCKET".

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The LA Times has published an interesting review on Danica Phelps solo show, 'MANY DROPS FILL A BUCKET'.

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Performance a partir de obra de Mauro Giaconi en el Gregory Allicar Museum de la Colorado State University

Un grupo de estudiantes de Performance de la Colorado State University (CSU) realizó, el viernes 31 de agosto, un conjunto de pequeños sketches en reacción a la obra de Mauro Giaconi, El Atlas de Nuestro Tiempo, 2013.

La obra forma parte de la exposición "Spatial Flux" que reúne trabajos de diferentes artistas que integran la Joann Gonzalez Hickey Collection y se exponen en el Gregory Allicar Museum de la CSU. La exposición está comisariada por estudiantes de postgrado del Depto. de Arte e Historia del Arte de la misma universidad.

A group of students from the Performance major at the Colorado State University (CSU) has made, on August 31st, a set of short sketches in reaction to Mauro Giaconi's work, El Atlas de Nuestro Tiempo, 2013.

The work is currently exhibited on "Spatial Flux", a group show that gathers artworks from different artists belonging to Joann Gonzalez Hickey Collection in the Gregory Allicar Museum at the CSU. The exhibition is curated by graduate students from the Art and Art History Department at that university.


29 MAY – 22 SEP, 2018

Griffin Foundation Gallery and Works on Paper Gallery - Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, CSU

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Spatial Flux is an exhibition curated by graduate students in the Department of Art and Art History at Colorado State University. Featuring works on paper from the collection of JoAnn Gonzalez Hickey, the exhibition explores how space is created and destroyed on a two-dimensional surface through the process of drawing or other mark-making practices. Spatial Flux is made possible through the curatorial and study platform established around the Hickey collection, known as SYZYGY

Rafael Grassi en "Werkschau 2018" - Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich

Rafael Grassi participa en la exposición colectiva "Werkschau 2018", en el Museum Haus Konstruktiv, en Zúrich, Suiza

Rafael Grassi participates in the group exhibition 'Werkschau 2018', at the Museum Haus Konstruktiv, in Zurich, Switzerland

19 - 30 SEP 2018

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Chiharu Shiota en "Marvellous Cacophony" - 57th October Salon Belgrade

Chiharu Shiota participa en la exposición colectiva "The Marvellous Cacophony", en el 57º October Salon de Belgrado, Serbia

Chiharu Shiota participates in the group exhibition "The Marvellous Cacophony", at the 57th October Salon in Belgrade, Serbia

15 SEP - 28 OCT 2018

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APERTURA 2018 y Cierre de verano

Tras una intensa temporada, la galería permanecerá cerrada desde el viernes 27 de julio.

Volveremos el 13 de septiembre con la inauguración de Pipo Hernández Rivero durante APERTURA, el Gallery Weekend de Madrid, que este año contará con un fantástico programa.

Save the date! Os esperamos para brindar por una gran temporada artística en el 2018/2019.


After an intense season, the gallery will take a break from Friday, July 27.

We will be back on September 13 with Pipo Hernández Rivero's opening during APERTURA, Madrid's Gallery Weekend. This year counting on a great program.

Save the date! We will be waiting you for a toast to a great artistic season in 2018/2019.


Chiharu Shiota en la Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Chiharu Shiota expone tres proyectos individuales en la Art Gallery of South Australia en Adelaide: Absence embodied (instalación en el Melrose Wing of European Art); Embodied (exposición en las salas 9, 10 y 11); e Internal (intervención en la fachada del museo)

Chiharu Shiota exhibits three individual projects at the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide: Absence embodied (installation at the Melrose Wing of European Art); Embodied (exhibition in Galleries 9, 10 and 11); and Internal (Art Gallery Facade)

Inauguración: 24 AGO 2018 / Opening: 24 AUG 2018

Art Gallery of South Australia - North Terrace, Adelaide

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