Jus Juchtmans

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Related with minimal art in the achievement of an aesthetic that takes into account the viewer’s awareness of the artwork’s surroundings, Jus Juchtmans acknowledges the significance of temporality in the aesthetic experience of art.

Although it is questionable whether his paintings can be considered monochromes, he has an engagement with the visual aesthetic of the monochrome, even if the monochrome usually evokes transcendence or timelessness  while Juchtmans addresses the temporary condition of the experience and creation of art, an awareness evident through the drips on the sides of the paintings, resulting from the application of the under layers of paint and records of the entire duration taken to make each paint.

His works are highly reflective and resistant to being viewed. Invariably the viewer see his own reflection, as well as the gallery surroundings, which involves a feeling of disconcert and frustration.