Chiharu Shiota en el Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival

Chiharu Shiota participa en el Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival, con la instalación ‘Where are we going?’, 2016

Chiharu Shiota participates at the Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival, with the installation ‘Where are we going?’, 2016

18 JUL – 04 OCT 2018

Main Venue, Niigata, Japón / Japan

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One hundred boats gently ascending from the floor to the ceiling that have been suspended by vertical black thread, just like rain pouring from the heavens. The silhouettes of the boats that become visible through the overlapping of pure white threads seem to symbolize a vision of people roaming the afterlife as they drift about through an illusion lacking any sense of the corporeal. This piece, titled “Where are we going?” coincides with fundamental principles of this art festival. It raises eternal themes of life and death as it continues to pursue the significance of living by raising the question: What does it mean to exist?