Ángela Cuadra

Ángela Cuadra investigates images that deal with concealment techniques used throughout recent history, in an extensive phenomenological study of invisibility. By examining the tensions between the natural and the artificial, the public and the private, the whole and the parts, the essential and the superfluous, the artist uses a material with pre-existing historical and semantic charges to reconvert and resignify it.

Based on collage and approached from the intuition, her works induce compositions in which the found material is barely elaborated with prominence to the forms themselves through their juxtaposition with other materials.

The special focus on the dialogue between fragments, on the emotion that arises when finding chords of color, shape or texture, resembles the perception of her work to that of a musical composition. To make language without literature, to make music without melody, to make paintings without paint. To build from the base of what is given, of what is in the margins.

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