CAMPING presents: ‘No ser ni la sombra de lo que se fue’ by María Jerez



When we see a shadow, especially where there should not be one, we tend to turn to see what is producing it. This work forgets the cause in order to focus on the shadow and stay with what it produces. A new image, a phenomenon that is no longer just the body that generates it, but is itself another body, a body always in relation: with the light, the surface on which it is projected, as well as with the distant bodies that are in it. Superimpositions, reflections, fragments, biases, distances, phantoms…

The work of MARÍA JEREZ (1978) is situated ‘between’ choreography, film and the visual arts. Since 2004 she has produced pieces that explore the relationship with the spectator as a space in which modes of representation are put in crisis. From The Case of the Spectator to her latest pieces, this relationship has mutated from a place of understanding of theatrical and cinematographic conventions, to the intentional loss of references where the artist, the piece and the spectator behave towards each other as strangers.

‘No ser ni la sombra de lo que se fue’ is the twelfth edition of CAMPING.

CAMPING is a project by Nerea and Idoia Fernández, directors of NF/NIEVES FERNANDEZ, and Blanca Cortés, lawyer specialized in intellectual property.