"Fardos offers the appearance of almost a parcel or customs hall. With packaging ready to ship, in an in-pass that seems to condemn them to an eternal territory of transit. A useful paradox if you remember that Interludios is a valuable flash project. I pretend a climate of intense waiting as Fardos [bundles] reflects on the Deadlock, in the minimum deadlock that invites us to inhabit Interludios. Bulks made almost in the manner of makeshift rafts. ‘Rig with whatever you have’ seemed to promote Reinhard Mucha. Perhaps I too hope to put back on the table The problem of the background and the form in the architecture of Baroque. Maybe I have just tried to make sure that things fit in the truck, come and go reasonably safely and that in the room the pieces do not fall below the ground. In any case, the bundles exercise their beauty table, they contain their plan. They are configured halfway through the survival kit, the micro-narratives in distress or the bullets of Style awaiting the deployment of their variables. We know that beauty according to conservatives not only has to be Darwinian (beauty as the appearance of the best adapted), but also – and therefore, in terms of the culture of hedonistic masochism that assists us – it should be gymnastic. 'Art has to fit' Roger Scruton could whisper to us now. If anyone wants to consider Fardos a resolutely conservative exhibition, go ahead. After all, Fardos inhabits the third edition of Interludios and the later only seeks to keep its brief span of time in shape."

Pipo Hernández Rivero