• White flag. 2016
  • Without insects do not catch fish II. 2016
  • Without insects do not catch fish III. 2016
  • Looking through the lids. 2016
  •  Territorial mark. 2014
  • The mute. 2013
  • El tiburcio. 2013

Moris work revolves around themes that address representation, social and subjective agency, urban issues and marginal cultures often taken for granted in mainstream society. Informed by constant field work, the issues Moris’ researches have been an intrinsic part of his daily life since childhood, and pertinent to both his personal and professional formation.

The street and social space in general are his laboratory for investigating issues, gathering data, analyzing visual cultures, and vernacular aesthetics. Observing, integrating, and learning the diverse social codes of the urban underclass and underworld; their spoken dialects and semiotics; their strategies for survival; and informal use of aesthetics in their environments in order to make daily life more humane and dignified are the driving ethos for Moris’ work.


9a Bienal de la Habana. Puesto casa carro (2006)
30a Bienal de São Paulo (2012)
Viva la Revolución. A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape (2010)
Mexico. Poetry and Politic (2011)
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