Entre el encima y el debajo [Between the Above and the Below] is Daniela Libertad’s first solo exhibition at NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ. The exhibition, composed by large-format drawings, video and sculptures, raises various reflections that range from how Libertad constructs her images at the crossroads between drawing and fabric until the possibilities of discovering a new color.

The paper support and its materiality occupy a place of importance for the conformation and understanding of the pieces, once the artist reconfigures it multiple times, drawn, woven, overflowed, resisting or yielding to the relationship with other materials such as thread, yarn or metal.

On the other hand, color is also a fundamental element present in the works of Daniela Libertad, that she explores to a point of spatial materialization. Color abounds and mixes, juxtaposes, turning into an almost physical feature, in a gesture that stretches the limits of the merely flat plastic understanding of it, to provide it with body and materiality in contours, textures, volumes. Colors compose and shape weaving, but they also take on a kind of life in a dreamlike field, as is the case with the audiovisual work in the exhibition, in which a new color exists as a memory and possibility and in which the narration what the artist does of the encounter with a new color lets us see that the only possible place for its existence is the space of the word.


This exhibition is part of the program at APERTURA Madrid Gallery Weekend 2021. Gallery’s special hours: Thursday (09/sep) from noon to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday (10-11/sep) from 11 am to 8 pm and Sunday (12/sep) from 11 am to 2 pm.


TALK with Daniela Libertad, Patricia Martin and Sofía Mariscal.


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