June 29th - July 19th

Colectivo Viernes is a collaborative proposal by artists Fernando Carabajal and Moris, whose platform is the literary and cinematographic space where Robinson Crusoe and Viernes transit.

Calcar del mundo el mundo  [Tracing the World from the World]  is their 4th moment of activation and their first time in Spain. This time a recount of places and circumstances is gathered in three sets exhibited throughout the gallery NF/NIEVES FERNANDEZ. Means with very diverse techniques, such as drawing, installation or multiple,  deconstruct towards a new story the already recognized novels and films of Defoe, Tournier, Coetzee, Méliès, Buñuel, etc, and open a parenthesis in the present showing the relevance of the characters in this world so intertwined of communications, but so shipwrecked of communicating links.

The figure of the island can be measured, recognized and traversed in each object and room of the gallery, and the public can manipulate this kind of traces that have their own specific weight and unique substance. Perhaps, thinks the Collective, articulating is a more accurate and necessary possibility at this time than construction, which usually involves immersed in what destroys. To trace the world from the world is that small gesture, almost ghostly, almost ungraspable, of repeating the world on the world itself and thus observing it perhaps for the first time.


Founded in 2005, Colectivo Viernes is formed by artists Fernando Carabajal (Chicago, 1973) and Moris (Mexico, 1978), who, in addition to their respective careers and discourses, generate a field of action from the literary and conceptual platform of the characters Robinson Crusoe and Viernes. Their projects include Speranza in 2005, in Guadalajara, Mexico, which was reactivated in 2010 at El 52 gallery (OMR), as well as Astróforo in 2011 (Mexico City) and El Serrote y el árbol (Michael Storm Galerie, Stuttgart) in 2016. Colectivo Viernes’ work can be found in different collections such as Teófilo Cohen and OMR.