LA NOCHE MÁS CORTA is a group exhibition organized by Galería Aural and NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ that emerges as a collaborative proposition, opening a dialogue between artists from both galleries around the idea of ​​transformation in creative and artistic processes. As an effort to stimulate new forms of art production and display, the exhibition is carried out in a transversal and concomitant way between the three locations of the galleries in Madrid and Alicante with works arranged organically among them, taking conceptual and aesthetic criteria first instead of galleries’ representation, as a real exercise of institutional synergy.

With a selection of works by Alexej MeschtschanowFernando SinagaJordi TeixidorJosé Luis LandetJosé MaldonadoJudith EggerMáximo GonzálezPipo Hernández RiveroTamara Arroyo and Urs LüthiLA NOCHE MÁS CORTA explores transformation as a process of resignification that promotes regeneration, transmutation, change and renewal, considering the current difficult times and in reference to the traditions of San Juan, when the old and obsolete are burned to give way to the new, renewed and transformed.

In this sense, the artworks presented respond to the proposal by having undergone some transformation or by representing it conceptually both voluntarily and involuntarily, that is, works that have been started and then left for a while, until they were reconfigured for conclusion; works that are the appropriations of other objects, transformed into something else; or works that represent the displacement of the nature of something or the change in its initial idea, sense or meaning.

Artists /

Tamara Arroyo
José Luis Landet
Jordi Teixidor
Pipo Hernández Rivero