Tamara Arroyo

In the artist’s body of work there is an insistence on the habitability of spaces, which results in questioning the ‘domestication’ of the modern inhabitant, the consumption of certain formalizations and objects in the interiors of current homes, as well as in an autobiographical reference that articulates a discourse on individual and collective memory.

In this recurrence to the image of places and their appropriation through art, the city, as a public space, appears as a privileged scenario of everyday life, with its identity marks and creative potential.

Through different formalizations, her works talk about how our environment and its architecture influence us, distinguishing between the lived, experiential or existential space that operates unconsciously, and the physical and geometric space.

The artist also emphasizes different intellectual states that occur when we establish relations to our immediate environment, how the basic emotional need to belong to a place, the importance of peripheral vision that integrates us into space, and ultimately makes us see details and situations that sometimes go unnoticed, pushing the public from being mere spectators to being stimulated towards other muscular and tactile sensations.



Desatados – 114 Tamara Arroyo, RTVE

Caniche Editorial – Hablar normal y corriente (Tamara Arroyo)

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