Pipo Hernández. Luz de Occidente

December 17 2014 / February 21 2015

Pipo Hernández Rivero outline questions about all kind of cultural certitude, for what he uses a binomial process, mixing both images and texts.

This unresolved dialogue promotes a critic approach from the viewer that shows that often the standardization of some discourses excludes the majority of the voices

In “Light form the West”, the artist offers us a reconsideration of the pictorial from formal and conceptual structures, part of a “broken” minimalism, and light hierarchies that act as the axes of the installations.

They are pieces where both atmospherical light and useless lamps are involved. Like in the piece that gives title to the Show “Light from the West”, in which the use of verses of national anthems stablishes a link with the structure of the off lights, a piece where the artist deny each piece its identity and its value.

In this way, the artists values the relational complexity of the possibilities of painting in the XXI st century.

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Pipo Hernández Rivero