20 - 25 OCT

I want a black drawing with white spaces, so that if I look at it long enough I can feel like I’m looking at the night.

I want to feel at home.

A circle of dust, protecting me.

I want to feel at home.

Hanging two pieces of chain joined by a paper link, there is strength in the lightness.

I have bordered the thickness of a sheet of paper with a piece of black thread, I own a piece of land.

Emptiness also takes up space.

White, black, white.


Daniela Libertad’s body of work pushes into tension the perceptions of what is both intangible and habitual. By using different media, the artist allows her work to confront immaterial elements and geometrical forms with common objects and her own body, exploring both the mystical and ethereal features of these components, and concrete aspects such as weight, density, and touch. In these tension exercises, the artist unsettles the mixture between apparently opposite fields, between physical and mental or abstract and figurative, towards a stage of precarious balance between parts that, ultimately, inform us on a fragile and banal condition of our apprehension of day-to-day poetry.

VARIATION is a collaborative project by Galerie Sator and NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ, that aims to broaden artist’s international visibility through solo proposals in Madrid and Paris. Noli me tangere by Clara Sánchez Sala was the exhibition of its first edition and took place in Paris in October 2022. Endless Collapse V by Raphäel Denis was the second, in February 2023 at Nave N in Madrid.

Il y a de la force dans la légèreté – There is strength in lightness  by Daniela Libertad will take place at Galerie Sator’s space in Le Marais in Paris from October 15 to 20, 2023.

Sunday 15th / OPENING 14H – 18H

Tuesday 17th / 12h – 17h

Thursday 19th & Friday 20th / 12H – 19H

on other hours, by appointment

8 passage des Gravillers. 75003 Paris