Pipo Hernández Rivero

  • Terraza, 2018
  • Yard II. 2009
  • Presents are no longer painted as before. 2016

Pipo Hernandez Rivero’s work poses questions about 'universally accepted cultural truths'. Built with images and ideas very much anchored in the memories of modern culture, his works move in the territory of suspicion and opacity.

Pointing at the complexity of the possibilities of painting in the 21st century, his works offer a reconsideration of the pictorial from both formal and conceptual structures, ideas of failure and references to the cultural avant-gardes are always underlying the works.

Mixing painting with cheap and not lasting materials and involving text in largely unknown languages, and therefore received as elements of anxiety, the pieces confront the spectator with an unresolved dialogue forcing the viewer to rethink identity and value.

This lack of understanding creates a certain anxiety in the spectator, as well as a gap of meaning that obliges us to look at the work in a deeper way.


Dominati dalla fretta
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Pipo Hernández Rivero -
Pipo Hernández Rivero - ExpoArteMadrid (interview)
'Mediaciones. Artistas y curadoras en diálogo'. Exposición 'In/Out: Un mapa posible', CAAM Gran Canaria
CAMPING: "Fardo", de Pipo Hernández Rivero y Poliana Lima