Jordi Alcaraz

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Alcaraz’s discourse originates in the classic tradition of painting and sculpture to arrive to a discourse around art itself, through the physical and ephemeral nature of objects and the transparencies of space.

Intermingled materials that incorporate certain contemporary technical possibilities for the composition of drawing, paintings, objects, sculptures and scenography that result in an extraordinary metaphor of the practice of art, as well as in the composition of a system of visual writing developed by the artist.

The most persistent concern of the artists is his questioning of the specific nature of painting in comparison or symbiosis with the nature of sculpture. It is a question formulated by distilling pictorial and sculpting elements to their minimal expression, and through the introduction of foreign materials and instruments, they become carriers of a singular poetry that reiterates their arguments in the whole of all the different possibilities they offer.

Painting is understood both as pure gesture and as pure emptiness of the pictorial gesture, which is present but absent at the same time.

Questioning the very act of painting, Alcaraz reflects on it and makes us more conscious of the significance paintings acquire once they are hung on the wall and have become the center of our iconographic attention. Through his ability to make conceptual winks, he turns the notion of painting into a game of paradoxes, the duplicity of space and the assumption of the virtual.


Solo Exhibitions

Espejo. 2012