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Closing its 2018-2019 season, NF/ NIEVES FERNÁNDEZ presents mapa-suelo-paisaje, an exhibition with Irene Grau, Daniela Libertad and Clara Montoya. The set of artworks displayed behold a debate, upon multiple perspectives, on the fluidity of a territory as a concept that, in turn, establishes itself on a certain ontological stiffness.

A territory is usually associated to the idea of a space that is defined by its own limits or frontiers, and whose borders, at the same time, are defined by the sense of belonging or exclusion. Within the infinite attributions that a territory may have, it is often understood as physical or mental, geographic or imaginary, even idealized or unattainable, emerging from a psychological, political, social or cultural origin, within a collective or individual identity with a public or private nature. The territory itself is both established by the inflexibility of its boundaries and by the complexity of elements that define and compose it. Whereas it is the space one claims for oneself or imposes to others, gathering or segregating, or the land we decide to settle or even the mental zone we attribute a purpose, there seems to be a territory for each and every one.

This proposition assumes, therefore, the need to reunite a group of artworks that could travel over, delineate or erase these frontiers, browsing the limits of the exhibition space and opening a dialogue towards the free movement among artists, gallery and public.

In this sense, the works by Irene Grau, Daniela Libertad and Clara Montoya expand on different meanings and interpretations to the proposed idea and, using a diverse set of media and techniques, deepen the debate towards the understanding of the social constructions that underlie a wide landscape of relations.